IRI (A) – Insrument Rating Instructor


The privileges of an IRI Course are to instruct for the issue, re validation and renewal of an IR on the appropriate aircraft category.


  • ​Class 1 aviation medical
  • Valid CPL(A) license with total flight time no less than 800 hours under IFR or for a holder of IF rating no less than 200 hours under IFR
  • EASA ATPL theory exams pass

Ground Training

35 hours of ground tuition including 25 hours of teaching and learning and 10 hours of technical training including revision of instrument theoretical knowledge, the preparation of lesson plans and the development of classroom instructional skills.

25 hours ground-course in the following subjects:

  • Physiology
  • Flight control Instruments
  • Radio Navigation
  • Aspects of flight planning / aeronautical publications
  • Flight planning (general)
  • Rights of a IR holder

During the course the student instructor will practice giving ground lessons to the FIC instructor giving the course

The training shall be integrated with the flight training so that the maximum benefit is gained from time spent in the air

How long he instructor certificate valid?

Each instructor certificate issued in accordance with Part-FCL is valid for 36 months (three years). Renewal of the the Instrument Rating Instructor certificate is done for the next 36 months (3 years).

Flight training

At least 10 hours of flight instruction on an aircraft, FFS, FTD 2/3 or FPNT II

 All instructors shall be trained to achieve the following competences

  • prepare resources, development of the materials
  • create a climate conducive to learning,
  • present knowledge and curriculum,
  • integrate Threat and Error Management (TEM) and crew resource management,
  • manage time to achieve training objectives,
  • facilitate learning,
  • assess trainee performance,
  • monitor and review progress,
  • evaluate training sessions,
  • report outcome


10 – 15 days