CRI (A) – Class Rating Instructor


Pilots wishing to give instruction for issue / renewal / revalidation of a SE Class or Type rating to licence holders only (no ab-initio students) on single pilot SE aeroplanes shall complete the CRI SE course. In addition, the CRI SE can conduct differences training and the ‘dual flight with an instructor’ as required by the SEP (land) class rating revalidation requirements.


For multi-engine aeroplanes:

  • 500hrs flight time as pilot on aeroplanes
  • 30hrs PIC on the applicable class or type of aeroplane.

For single-engine aeroplanes:

  • 300hrs flight time as pilot of aeroplanes
  • 30hrs PIC on the applicable class or type of aeroplane.

 Ground training

  • 35 hours of ground tuition including 25 hours of teaching and learning and 10 hours of technical training including revision of technical knowledge, the preparation of lesson plans and the development of classroom/simulator instructional skills.
  • During the course the student instructor will practise giving ground lessons to the FIC instructor giving the course
  • The training shall be integrated with the flight training so that the maximum benefit is gained from time spent in the air

Flight training

At least 5hrs of flight instruction on multi-engine aeroplanes, or 3hrs of flight instruction on single-engine aeroplanes given by a qualified FIC instructor.


All training takes for about one month.


License is valid for 3 years. Within a period of 12 months before renewal:

  • receive refresher training as a CRI at an ATO
  • pass the assessment of competence