PPL(A) – Private Pilot License


Private Pilot License (PPL) – is a document certifying the right of a person to be a pilot-in-command of the aircraft for personal use and not for remuneration.

The aim of PPL course is to provide you the ability to be an independent Pilot of a light aircraft. It is also the first step on the way to a professional aviation career. Bulgarian Aviation Academy offers you the theoretical knowledge and practical experience you need for becoming a holder of PPL license. Our training is approved by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and will allow you to fly during the daylight hours in reasonably good weather under the limits of Visual Flight Rules (VFR).

Having PPL, you can take your family and friends for a trip or just relax yourself after a busy week and feel the freedom watching the terrain from the height of bird light.


  • Minimum age: Students should be over the age of 16 prior to going Solo and be 17 years of age for licence issue.
  • Medical certificate: Valid Class 1 or Class 2 medical certification.

Ground training:

There are nine exams to be passed:

  1. Aviation Law (AL)*
  2. Aircraft General Knowledge (AGK)
  3. Flight Performance and Planning (FPP)
  4. Human Performance (HP)
  5. Meteorology (MET)
  6. Navigation (NAV)
  7. Principles of Flight (PoF)*
  8. Communications (COMM)
  9. Operational Procedures (OPS)*

All of the exams are in the multiple-choice format, can be passed in any sequence and require a 75% pass mark.

*AL, PoF, OPS – exams should be passed before flight training could be started.

Flight Training

Under the CAA requirements it is required to complete a minimum of 45 Hours Flight Training including: 10 hours solo and 35 hours dual

After the theoretical exams have been passed successfully and the flight training have been completed, the PPL Skill test with an Authorized CAA Examiner should be passed.

Duration of the Training


Theoretical Training  Flight Training + CAA examination
Self Studying School Lessons AL, PoF and OPS Theoretical Exams AGK, FPP, HP, MET, NAV, COMM Theoretical Exams  Practical Skill Test
70 Hours 30 Hours  To be passed before flight training 45 hours of Flight Training 2 hours
4 weeks 1 week 4-5 weeks 


Tests and Examinations – summary

In summary to qualify for the issue of a PPL the candidate will need to have passed the following requirements:

  1. Hold a valid Class 2 Medical certificate
  2. Passed all 9 Theoretical Knowledge examinations
  3. Have flown at least 45 hours flight training, including 10 hours solo flying
  4. Have flown a Qualifying Cross Country flight
  5. Passed the Flying Skills Test