ATPL(A) Theory

ATPL(A) Theory / Distance Learning


With  Bulgarian Aviaton Academy you can chase your professional career in aviation to the highest level. If you desire to fly in large passenger and cargo aircraft or other business jet sign up for our modular Airline Transport Pilot training program.

ATPL license is the last step in the training process of a pilot. The license allows you to act as pilot-in-command of an aircraft in any comercial airline company.

The distance learning modular program allows you to choose the right time to begin the ATPL (A) courses. Generally ATPL (A) module course last about 12 months.

During the whole training you will be assisted by the experienced instructors of Bulgarian Aviation Academy.


  • Minimum age 18 years
  • Valid PPL private pilot license
  • Medical certificate: Valid Class 1 medical certificate

Ground training

In class and distance-learning (e-learning) consist in total of 650 hours of ground training. 130 hours of which you participate in seminars in classes guided by the lecturer. The rest 520 hours students gateher individually at home.

We provide with all the necessary educational material such as ATPL (A) book set. During the distance learning students will be supplied with:

  • Electronic version of books
  • CBT lets
  • Animated models
  • Self Assessment and Progress Tests, Re-Tests, Online question bank
  • Study guides
  • Access to the Learning Management System

There are 14 subjects that will be studied during the course and those will be the exams.  the end exams will be taken:

  1. Air Law
  2. Aircraft General Knowledge
  3. Systems/ Power Plant/ Electrics/ Emergency equipment
  4. Instrumentations
  5. Mass and Balance
  6. Performance
  7. Flight Planning
  8. Human Performance and Limitations
  9. Meteorology
  10. General Navigation
  11. Radio Navigation
  12. Operational Procedures
  13. Principles of Flight
  14. VFR and IFR Communications

Our instructors will do their best to prepare you professionally and at the highest level – both during the theoretical and practical course.

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