Diamond DA40

Diamond DA-40 is an Austrian four-seat single engine light aircraft constructed from composite materials. It combines great flight characteristics with the highest standards of aviation safety requirements. In addition aircraft is equipped with all the newest technologies and  has low operational costs.

The excellent visibility from the cockpit combined with the aircraft’s handling characteristics make an excellent IFR platform.


General characteristics

Fleet 2 aircrafts
Crew One pilot
Capacity Three passangers
Length 8.80 m – 26 ft 5 in
Height 1.97 m - 6 ft 6 in
Wingspan 11.94 m – 39 ft 2 in
Max takeoff weight 1150 kg – 2535 lb
Powerplant 1 x Thielert CD-155
Fuel Type Jet / Diesel fuel
Fuel Consumption 18 lt/h – 4.75 US Gal/h


Max Cruise Speed 253 km/h – 137 kts
Max speed 262 km/h – 142 kts
Practical ceiling 5000 m – 16,400 ft
Take off run 190 m – 623 ft
Landing Run 120 m – 394 ft
Range 830 km
Flight Rule IFR

Diamond DA42 Twin Star

The Diamond DA42 Twin Star is a four seat, twin engine, propeller-driven aircraft mostly made of composite materials. Manufacturer is Diamond Aircraft Industries.

The DA42 is the most technologically advanced aircraft that is used for training purposes these days. Modern and beautifully made design with panoramic cockpit allows to achieve the optimum performance combined with the outstanding safety level.

The diesel engine makes this aircraft an environmentally friendly option and the Garmin 1000 completed with Traffic Advisory System (TAS) will provide comfort, power and performance during the flight.


General characteristics

Fleet 1 aircraft
Crew One pilot
Capacity Three passangers
Length 8.56 m – 28 ft 1 in
Height 2.5 m - 8 ft 2 in
Wingspan 13.59 m – 44 ft 6 in
Max takeoff weight 1998 kg – 4407 lb
Empty weight 1410 kg - 3109 lb
Powerplant 1 x Thielert CD-135
Fuel Type Jet / Diesel fuel
Fuel Consumption 18 lt/h – 4.75 US Gal/h


Cruise Speed 253 km/h – 152 kts
Max speed 281 km/h – 142 kts
Rate of Climb 332 metre/min - 1090 ft/min
Practical ceiling 5486 m – 18,000 ft
Take off run 426 m – 1400 ft
Max Range 1273 nm - 2350 km
Flight Rule IFR

Beechcraft B24R Sierra 200

In our fleet we have one single-engined, 5 seated low-wing light aircraft with retractable gear produced by Beechcraft Corporation. Produced in 1975 this aircraft have all the avionics required to perform flights under the IFR rules.